Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Govt. Degree College

(A Constituent Post Graduate College of University of Allahabad)
Phaphamau, Prayagraj



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The department of physics has been a centre of scientific experiment. It has following achievement to his credit which justifies the statement given.

About 400 articles associated to Science, Research and innovation have been published in NavBharat Times, Alum- Ujala, Avislikar magazine, Vigyan Pairika, Vaigyanik magazine and other popular magazines. Project submitted from the Department has been selected among top 10 entries in NCIEP across the Year, held annually. Various innovative projects has been tested a focus of study of the department which were innovative and applied. To mention, Development of Innovative apparatus to determine Velocity of an Electromagnetic Wave, determination of the value of Universal Gravitational Constant(G), to detect Adulteration in Liquids, detection of Minerals & Ores underneath Earth's Surface, determination of various properties (Moduli & strength) of Elastic substances, to show the Failure of Conservation of law of Energy, "FABRY PEROT" &"MICHELSON"INTERFEROMETERS with a least count of 10-7cm, to determine Coriolis Force acting upon a body, has been some of the innovative projects worked upon in the department by Shyam Lal. Some project has also been a part of the department such as


1. "Terrestrial temperature rise by modelling of Earth's radiation budget"

2. "Study of multiple Coupled oscillators in different modes"

The department has conducted a seminar about topic "Nuclear hazards weapons technology and Nuclear waste managements" as well. The department is currently having 3 permanent faculties who are meticulously engaged in upholding the scientific temperament in the student via teaching and hand-on experiments.

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