Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Govt. Degree College

(A Constituent Post Graduate College of University of Allahabad)
Phaphamau, Prayagraj




The Career & Counseling  Cell


Dr. Shiva Mittal (AssociateProfessor of Mathematics)


Following guidelines of the University of Allahabad vide  letter No. UEB/Ad. Comm./07/665-84 Dated : 7th May, 2007, received through the Chief- University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau, University of Allahabad, a ‘Campus Recruitment Cell’ of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Govt Degree College, Phaphamau, Allahabad’ was constituted in the college as a ‘Unit of the University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau, University of Allahabad’ vide College Office Order No. 67-75/2007-08 dated 11 May, 2007, appointing Dr Aravind Kumar, Reader in Botany, as  it coordinator. The same ‘Cell’ was renamed as ‘Career & Counseling Cell’ as per guidelines of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

Being situated in the outer skirt of the city, the intake of students in this college is from rural background coming from socially backward and economically week sections of the society. During our informal conversations of the students, we come to know that most of the students join the college just for obtaining the Degrees without any clear goal in the life. In circumstances, the college has set its mission ‘to create something out of nothing’ through ‘Career & Counseling Cell’. We are trying to prepare our students to face the challenges of the job markets. Our motto is to remove hesitation from among the students while they come to face any interview and to open their brains out of the prescribed syllabi of their respective subjects.


Since our college imparts education only at undergraduate level and most of the companies wish to recruit at least graduate students, students completing graduation from our college appear in the campus selections organized by the University only when they leave the college. However, the ‘Career & Counseling Cell’ have also organized some Campus Selection Interviews. Till now 13 students (8 boys and 5 girls) have been selected in the Pay Package of Rs 22,000 per month by ‘Envisage Infotech Pvt. Ltd., and 20 students (13 boys & 7 girls)  in the Pay Package of Rs 14,000 p.m. by the same company. Likewise, in the campus selection organized by ‘Ray Insurance Marketing Pvt. Ltd., 13 students ( 5 boys & 8 girls) were selected as Assistant Branch Development Manager in the Pay Package 1,80,000 per annum while 21 students ( 17 boys & 4 girls) as Insurance Cells Officers in the Pay Package of Rs 1,20,000 per annum. The objective of arranging campus selection in the college is not provide only jobs to our students but to expose them how to face the interviews in the job markets.

‘Career & Counseling Cell’ of the college have organized several Career talks and interactions with leading institutions of the town as well as personalities from various fields to expose students to various opportunities that exist for them in the business environment and thereby help them choose the right career path. Experts from various institutions like IILM Lucknow, HCL Career Development Centre, Allahabad, NIIT, Allahabad, Arena Animation, Allahabad, NIIT headquarter, New Delhi, etc. have given very extensive career oriented talks to let the students acquainted with the current demands of the job markets. Apart from that our college organizes various academic meets such as National Seminars, invited lectures of eminent scholars of different subjects/fields, office bearers of the various academic and professional bodies, officers from the district administration, etc. to let our students acquainted with the knowledge out of their classroom teachings.

The ‘Cell’ also acts as a bridge between the students and the ‘University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau, University of Allahabad. The placement cell of the University strives to bring together prospective employers and job seekers in an attempt to secure for its students a wide array of employment opportunities in various fields, we used to advice, motivate and convince our students to go there also and participate in the campus interviews for various recruitments. To our satisfaction, our students also get selected through the Campus Selection organized by the University.